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"Our Business thrives because of Referrals"
When 95% of your business comes from referrals, there's no doubt you're doing a good job for your customers.

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Here's our take on the current market:

We at Jasper Builders wanted to take a moment to share an optimistic view on the building industry. In the midst of the daily Doom & Gloom that fills the evening news, we would like to interject a touch of positive reality.

We’re all too familiar with all of the negatives in the current market. The demand on housing has been strong enough that the builders and realtors that had been building their businesses over the previous years, made it look easy. Good for them. However, as a result, everyone (qualified or not) decided to become builders and realtors. It was good for a season but that season is over. Now we have a surplus of homes on the market and too many realtors trying to sell them.

“Where is the good news in this slow down?” you ask. Many of the people who jumped in to ride the wave are working their way back into their fields of training. We wish them happiness and great success so that in a few years they might call on our services. The builders who are surviving and remain in the field are stronger and more qualified.

The rest of the good news is this. We are building homes cheaper and faster now than we have in several years. Because of the slow down, trades and vendors are doing a better job supervising their crews, making our job easier. What’s more, the crews are smaller and the cream of the labor pool is rising to the top. As a result, there has been no sacrifice in the quality Jasper customers expect and receive. And by the way, 30 year fixed term mortgages are at less than 5%! This is unbelievable.

We want you to know that now is a great time to be building a home!

Building and Restoring Homes takes more than bricks and mortar........WWW.RansomedHeart.com

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